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Reading Comprehension

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Latoya Hibbert-James
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Reading Comprehension
Students’ age range: 04-06
Topic: Comprehension
Description: Activities:
• Place students into groups and give each group a sheet of paper with the poem ‘The Policeman. Have students listen to a recording of the teacher reading the poem and follow on their copy as the recording plays.
• Discuss the contents of the poem with students.
• Have students read the poem as a whole class then have them read in their groups.
• Encourage students to work in their groups to write four words they learnt from the poem.
• Have students stand before the class and show the words they learned (on word cards).
• Have students identify these words and use them orally in sentences.
• Encourage students to list some of the ways the police officers help us.
• Have students answer questions such as: What do you think our country would be like if we had no police officers? What are some of the things we can do to help the police officers to do their jobs well?

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