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Properties of Multiplication

  • 25 April 2018
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Properties of Multiplication
Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: Multiplication and Division
Description: Teacher will begin with the objectives. The teacher will play a PowerPoint on the Properties of Multiplication. Students will read notes and follow the PowerPoint as necessary. Exceptional learners will be grouped with others as recommended by teacher. The teacher will then explain to students that mathematicians have rules for how numbers work. Math rules are things that are always true in math. Ask students to think about some rules that we already have for how numbers work (numbers always show amounts, addition increases the amount, subtraction decreases the amount, and fractions are equal parts of a whole). Students will listen attentively and raise hands to ask or answer questions as necessary. Teacher will hand out worksheet containing notes. Students will be asked to write their own definitions of properties. They will be given 5 minutes. Teacher will ask students to turn to page 39 and 40 of Go Math Workbooks. Teacher will have students complete page. A Student will be given the worksheets to distribute. The students will write in their own definitions. Students will then take out Go Math book and complete pages 39 and 40. Teacher will review the page with the students. The teacher will ask students to verbally give examples of Properties of Multiplication. The students will make corrections as necessary. Individual Students will raise hands and give examples of the Properties. Teacher will correct students as necessary. Students will make corrections as necessary. Teacher will pass out papers cut into triangles. The triangles should have numbers students could use for multiplication problems written on the corners of the triangles. Model how to use the three numbers to prove each of the three properties. For example, with a triangle with numbers 3, 4, and 2 on the points, you can create:
• Commutative Property: 3 x 2 = 2 x 3
Students will work in groups to model the Properties. Each group will be assigned a Property to display at a time. Each student will be asked to take part. Teacher will tell students that you are going to give them a number and ask them to create equations that could get them to that number. For example, if you give students the number 24, they could create equations: 3 x 8, 8 x 3. Students will create equations for as many numbers as possible. Each student will be given an opportunity to create an equation. Teacher walks around and corrects as necessary. The students make corrections. Teacher recaps the lesson.

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