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Figurative Language in Poem Richard Cory

  • 23 April 2018
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Figurative Language in Poem Richard Cory
Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Poetry
Description: 1. The class will begin with a news clip of a death by suicide.
2. Students will then share why they believe people commit suicide.
3. Teacher will then verbalize class objectives
4. Then the teacher will distribute poem to the class.
5. Students will then listen to the poem while the teacher reads.
6. Students will then read poem individually.
7. Then they will use the Compass Points activity to get them to think deeply about
the text.
8. Students will write their thoughts on sticky notes.
9. They will then place them in the appropriate location on the compass points on the board.
10. Students will receive the opportunity to share their compass points in whole group
11. To analyze the poem, the teacher will then direct students to list traits about the character that are stated.
12. The students will then underline figurative language used in the text.
13. For each figurative device identified, students will explain the image created by each.
14. Students will then be asked to state how the poem makes them feel. They will then make a connection of the text to the world or to what they heard/read in the radio announcement at the beginning of the class
15. Students will then write a summary of the poem.
16. Students will share summaries in class.
17. Having recognized the theme that wealth and status don't ensure happiness and looks may be deceiving, students will offer a kind word or two to their classmates reassuring them that they are valued and appreciated no matter what they are going through.
18. For homework, students will write a reflective piece.

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