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Cooperation among Caribbean Countries

  • 24 April 2018
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Cooperation among Caribbean Countries
Students’ age range: 10-12
Topic: Regional Integration
Description: Introduction:
Students will observe two different groups of students being engaged a newspaper dance activity ( the students will be grouped base on how well they work with each other; that is one group will have persons that work well with each other while the other will not.
Step 1:
The students will be asked to compare both groups in terms of how they worked, what they achieved at the end of a set time and why. The student’s responses will be recorded on the board. From their responses, the students will be asked to guess what they think today’s topic will be about.
The word co-operation will be written in a concept map on the board and the students are asked to brainstorm what this term means. They will be asked to record their responses on sentences strips. They will then share them with the class; the teacher will instruct the students to use their dictionaries to confirm the definitions they have given.
Step 3:
The students will be asked to why they think that cooperation is important. A small discussion will ensue. The students will then be asked to identify the group from the introductory activity co-operated better and why. They will then be led to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of co-operation.
The students will be given a different set of groups (eg. Teacher-student, parents, and teachers, managers and workers and countries) they will be instructed to list some examples of co-operation and non-co-operation between the group that they had handpicked. The students will share their list with the class.
The students will then brainstorm for reasons why cooperation among countries is important. The student’s responses will be recorded on a concept map.

Step 6:
The students will then examine a series of pictures which illustrates instances of Caribbean countries co-operating with each other. A discussion will ensue.

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