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Consonant Blends

  • 25 May 2018
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Consonant Blends
Students’ age range: 10-12
Topic: Understanding words and the different sound they make when the come together
Description: • Pupils will listen to a short passage with several “ph” and “f” sounding words. They will tell one unique sound that they heard repeating in the passage.
• Pupils will repeat this sound. They will give the letters that gives this unique sound.
• Pupils will be given word cards (strips) with the consonant “f” words and the diagraph “ph”words.
• For example:
Developmental Activities
• Pupils will say each word and identify the initial sound heard. For example: The “f” sound.
• Through guided discussion, pupil will understand that the digraph ‘ph’ gives an ‘f’ sound.
• Pupils will list all the ‘ph’ and ‘f’ words that were mentioned in the passage (Phillip, phone, pharmacy, wife, float, fish, father, shelf, photograph etc).
• Pupils will give other ‘ph’ and ‘f’ words that they know or see around the classroom. These words will be written on the board highlighting the initial, medial and final sound.
• Pupil will then look at a picture from their work sheet and match the picture with the correct ‘ph or ‘f’ words given.
• Teacher will show pupils a video with the ‘ph’ and ‘f’ words to further concretize the lesson.
Culminating Activity
• In small groups, with the guidance of teacher pupils will create a rhyme, jingle or a poem with atleast ten ‘ph’ and ‘f’ words. They will then perform it to the class the best one will be the winner.
• Pupils will create ten sentences ensuring:
1. Two initial ‘ph’ and two ‘f’ sentences
2. Two medial ‘ph’ and two ‘f’ sentences
3. One final ‘ph’ and one ‘f’ sentences

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