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Conjunctions: (and, but, or , because)

  • 25 May 2018
  • Posted by: Stacy Perch
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Conjunctions: (and, but, or , because)
Students’ age range: 08-10
Topic: Identify the correct use of the conjunctions and, but, or , because in sentences
Description: 1.Students will be shown a box reminiscent of a lucky dip marked ‘word dip’
2.Students will be informed that they will assist the teacher in selecting words from the box.
3.Selected students will be asked to place their hand in the box and pull out a word.
4.Students will be allowed to stick chosen words on the chalkboard.
5.Students will be asked to read the display of words placed on the chalkboard.
6.Students will then be asked, “Can anyone give ‘one word’ that we can use to classify all of these
7.Select a few students to answer and give appropriate feedback.
8.Students will be informed that today we will be looking at ‘Conjunctions’.
9.At this point, the classroom would be rearranged to facilitate the ‘fishbowl’ seating.
10.Students will be informed that they would use the ‘fishbowl’ strategy to discuss all their prior
knowledge relating to conjunctions.
11.Through peer facilitated questions, students would discuss suitable definitions for the term
‘conjunctions’, as well as ways in which the aforementioned conjunctions displayed on the board
could be used.
12.Through discussion, students would formulate sentences with which the highlighted conjunctions
could be used. Special attention would be paid to the effect the conjunctions have on the sentences.

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