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Business Finance

  • 25 April 2018
  • Posted by: Mardia Euter
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Business Finance
Students’ age range: 16-18
Topic: Savings and Investment
Description: The students at times ask for money to assist them to do various things hence this lesson was selected to teach the importance of saving and investments.
A scenario was provided where $500.00 was given to a student where think, pair ,share was used. In respect to think the students will write down two sentences to answer the question the time allotted is one minute. Then the students will talk to a partner for one or two minutes, then the teacher will call on a few students to share. Students will be expected to jot down points they agree with or disagree with during the sharing (2 minutes). The teacher will use the responses from Think, Pair , share the teacher will provide information and guidance to develop a simple Budget for the month. Discussion will be done on the topic ”How would this Budget help you make sound financial decisions? for ten minutes. The teacher will point out the importance of savings one need to balance money coming in with money going out including provision for savings. Teacher will provide different situations for students to work in groups of 3 and compile list with items of expenses and classify items according to importance. Students will explain why the categories are important after which they will generate a Budget and why for 30 minutes. Using the fishbowl strategy the teacher will explain the activity and lay down ground rules. The topic will be Savings and Investments nine students will be observer and nine participants. The teacher will be the moderator asking probing questions. The questions will be ‘What if” for 30 minutes.

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