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  • 25 April 2018
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Students’ age range: 14-16
Topic: Introduction to Communication
Description: The students will be questioned to come up with a definition for the term communication. They will be asked what does it mean to communicate? How many parties are needed to have a conversation? These responses will be written on the board. The students will be ask to read the responses on the board. The teacher will then make clarifications and then allow the students to write the most suitable response.

Two students will then be asked to come to the front of the class in which one of them will write a short note to the other student. The teacher will use this to question students in order for them to identify the five (5) elements of the communication channel. The teacher will record the responses on the board. The teacher will probe students in order to get the appropriate answers. The students will then be asked to record the responses in their books. They will be given 5 minutes to do so.

Five students will then be given strips of paper in order to come to the board to identify each part.
Whenever the student have identify the correct parts, the class will be asked to read the answers
given in order to make corrections. The teacher will help the students to make corrections where

The teacher will then show the students a powerpoint presentation in which they will be asked to
identify the different communication channels. The teacher will make clarifications and ask
questions to help students with the understanding of the content at hand. The students will then
be asked to record the appropriate information from the slide shown. They will be given 10
minutes in order to do so.

The lesson will be summarized with an interactive game on communication. The students will be
provided with a list of numbers and one by one students will be asked to come and choose a
number of their choice. The number will represent a question in which the students will be asked
to answer. The teacher will supervise the activity to ensure that the students are carrying out the
game effectively and clear up any misconceptions that the students may have.

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