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Naming Adjectives

  • 23 April 2018
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Naming Adjectives
Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: Naming Adjectives
Description: • The teacher will ask the students if they know the story of the “ Three Little Pigs”
• Inform the students that they will listen to the story of “ Three Little Pigs” (powerpoint presentation)
• Ask the students to look at the pictures and drawings as you read them the story.
• After reading the story, ask them which pig they like or dislike in the story.
• The teacher will ask the students why they like or dislike the pig which they answered.
• As they tell the teacher their reasons, write down all the adjectives that you hear in their answers. The teacher will write the adjectives on to the chalkboard.
• Inform the students that any word that describes things we like or dislike are called adjectives
• Invite some students to act out their favourite characters from the story.
• Then ask the rest of the students to describe the characters that they portrayed. Remind them that the words they are using to describe are called adjectives.
• The teacher will ask the students to write or draw at least two adjectives for every person, thing, place, or animal. They must write it on their paper. If some students are having trouble spelling, the teacher will write some adjectives on the chalkboard.

• Ask the class to tell you what they learned about adjectives.
• Ask them the best adjectives that they can give for their parents, family, and friends.

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