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  • 25 April 2018
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Students’ age range: 12-14
Description: Introduction
Ask the students about the people in their neighborhood, aside from family members.
o Take responses from volunteers.
o Tell the students that today, they're going to learn about the people in a community.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher Modeling
o Tell the students that the people in a community each have a specific job to do.
o Tell the students that we all depend on the people in our community to do their job to help us. When everyone does their job, they help each other maintain a great neighborhood.
o Give some examples: The librarian helps people find books at the library. The cashier collects the money for the items at the grocery store. The teacher helps the students learn their lessons. The mail carrier makes sure people get all their mail. The doctor helps to find out why people are sick and gives them medicine so they can get better. The trash truck driver comes to collect the trash so that the neighborhood is clean and tidy.
o Emphasize that everyone in the neighborhood has a job to do to make it a great community to live in.
Guided Practice/Interactive Modeling
o Show the students a picture of a librarian, a cashier, a teacher, a mail carrier, a doctor, and a trash truck driver.
o Ask the students what each person does.
o Take responses from volunteers.
o Make a list on the board of their responses.
o Ask the students about other people in a community who help every day.

Who fights crime?
Who studies at school?
Who teaches students at school?
Who takes care of teeth?
Who drives a bus?
Who brings our mail?
Who sings songs?
Who fights fires?
Who serves food in a restaurant?
Who drives a truck?
Who cooks in a hotel or restaurant?
Who looks after sick people and helps doctors?
Who treats patients (sick people)?

Independent Working Time
o Provide each student with the worksheet Jobs crossword puzzle.
Retrieved from the website http://www.eslkidslab.com/worksheets/set3/jobs/jobs%20crossword%20puzzle.pdf
o Read the instructions to the students.
o Collect the papers for grading.

o Enrichment: Allow advanced students to make their own list of community helpers using illustrations, symbols and pre-writing skills.
o Support: For struggling students, introduce only one community helper at a time, and focus on the role of that individual.

Review Assessment
o Review students' work to assess their understanding of the lesson using a Formative Assessment as a Quiz in the webpage Kahoot.com. They will use their cell phones with internet connection and a TV to watch the quiz projected on it.
o Give reinforcement where needed.

Review and Closing
o Allow students write a paragraph and have an oral presentation talking about their dream job, they may wear a disguise according to the occupation selected:
what do you do?, I'm a…, My dream job, I want to be a…Where do you work?
o Further discuss new people in the neighborhood who may not have been introduced before.

Where do they work? Use a Jenga to ask this questions.
The object of Jenga is to remove one block at a time from the Jenga tower and then stack it on top. The last player to stack a block without making the tower fall wins the game.

Write the correct word on the line.
1. He’s a ___________. He works on a plane.
2. She’s a doctor. She works at a ___________.
3. He’s a ________. He works at a school.
4. They’re actors. They work in a __________.
5. He’s a _________. He works on a bus.
6. She’s a secretary. She works in an________.
7. She’s an _________. She works in a theater.
8. She’s a pilot. She works on a _______.
9. They’re_________. They work in a hotel.
10. She’s a nurse. She works at a __________.

o Jobs and what people do Instructions: Multiple choice quiz. Choose the job that matches the definition.
Retrieved from the website: http://www.eslkidslab.com/worksheets/set3/jobs/jobs%20multiple%20choice%20quiz.pdf
o Jobs True and False Quiz. Retrieved from the website: https://www.eslkidslab.com/worksheets/set3/jobs/jobsquiz%20true%20or%20false.pdf
o Jobs Board Game. In pair of two students.
Retrieved from the website: http://www.eslkidslab.com/worksheets/set3/jobs/jobs%20board%20game.pdf

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