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Safety in the Science Laboratory, Home and Workplace

  • 22 April 2018
  • Posted by: Laphane Jones
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Safety in the Science Laboratory, Home and Workplace
Students’ age range: 12-14
Topic: Safety Precautions in Exploring the Environment
Description: Engage - In groups, students will examine the picture and in a teacher-led discussion, identify the potential dangers seen.
Explore - In groups, students will discuss and record possible outcomes of the potentially dangerous situations identified, and the benefits of carrying out the safe practices in the picture. Students will share ideas with the class.
Explain - In their groups students will develop rules that if carried out will prevent the occurrence of harm/accidents in the laboratory. Rules will be shared with the other members of the class.
Elaborate - Why do you think this sign is used in some places? List potential dangers that may occur in other situations such as the home, restaurant and workplace and develop rules that would help to reduce potentially dangerous situations in the home, restaurant and the workplace

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3 comments on article "Safety in the Science Laboratory, Home and Workplace"

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Candice Thomas

4/22/2018 5:50 PM

This lesson is well planned. A simple concept which is made relatable in the way the teacher connects is to their surrounding environs.

The fact that it is student centered is commendable so students are able to value each others' input.

I also particularly appreciate that the teacher then asks the students to write letters to the principal; making the lesson even more worthwhile to them.

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Yvette Sweeting

4/22/2018 10:29 PM

I commend you for this lesson and the strategies used. I have one suggestion and that is to incorporate some more pictorial stimuli so students can immediately identify the sign and the potential dangers. I suggest using signs for poison, uneven surface, no entry, no smoking etc.

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Tracia Morgan-Brown

4/23/2018 9:28 PM

I am enjoying this lesson and I am not in the classroom physically. Based on the lesson plan I know the students would have had a great time learning. Using the Five -E lesson plan format is good, it showed the sequencing of the lesson and how it flowed smoothly. Each step had the students thinking critically and they were engaged through out the lesson.

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