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Types of families

  • 25 April 2018
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 Types of families
Students’ age range: 06-08
Topic: Identifying types of families
Description: Briefly describe the lesson including the steps you followed during implementation. (700 words max):

The students viewed a short video about types of families. Students were asked to give insight to what the video was about.
They were asked for a defintion of a family. They were then asked to identify the types of families they knew. The teacher informed them that over the next two weeks they will be exploring different types of families.
The teacher showed students pictures with varying types of families. Students were asked to identify each family which was shown.
Four students were selected and asked to identify the persons who lived in their family. The class was asked to identify the type of family that the four students belonged to.
The teacher asked the students to give reasons why they think some of these families were formed. The other students were given the opportunity to state the type of family they belonged to if it was different than the families already identified.
Students were placed into groups of four’s according to their varying abilities.The teacher distributed worksheets to three groups and the remaining group was given drawing paper..
Teacher instructed first three groups to complete the worksheet. The teacher instructed students in the last group to draw a picture of their family. The teacher told the class tan the can work collaboratively with their classmates to complete the task.
Students in the first three groups were asked questions about their given assignment. The final group was allowed to explain the pictures which they drew with the members of their families.
Students were instructed to copy the note which was written on the chalkboard.
The teacher ended the lesson by reviewing and teaching the children a short song about the family.

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