Department of Sustainable Democracy and Special Missions
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Mediation and Dialogue

Our Work
The Section of Institutional Strengthening in Mediation and Dialogue works in two fields: strengthening the internal capacity of the OAS in this matter by providing to soliciting member states technical support and improving their institutional capacity in the prevention, management, and resolution of social conflicts.

This Section strengthens the internal capacity of the organization through personnel training to the staff of the OAS General Secretariat; development of internal tools and procedures to institutionalize and systematize the work of the Organization in building and maintaining peace through missions that defend democracy; collection of institutional memory; dissemination of OAS work; and generation of strategic alliances with other institutions working in this matter.

Likewise, the Section also assists Member States in developing national and local capacities and mechanisms to promote dialogue and consensus-building initiatives; and designing and using institutional tools for dealing with social conflict including the generation of strategies for the medium and long term prevention and management of these conflicts. Its main objective is to contribute to the creation of timely responses to the demands and challenges generated by social conflicts and crisis situations through the promotion of the principals of democratic governance and transformation.


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