Relations with International Organizations

The Department of International Affairs (DIA) acts as the institutional liaison between the OAS and the agencies and entities of the United Nations and Inter-American systems, as well as other international organizations. In this capacity, the DIA identifies areas of common interest and potential synergies, promotes and coordinates the development of cooperation strategies,  and generally fosters and maintains relations with international organizations.

Through high-level and working-level dialogues and meetings the DIA facilitates the interaction between the officials of the OAS General Secretariat and their counterparts at other international organizations in order to benefit from each other’s experience, resources and best practices.

In order to enhance the visibility of the Organization and increase its interaction with other organizations, the DIA coordinates the participation of OAS officials in conferences, thematic debates, seminars and meetings organized by international organizations across the world.

As part of its outreach efforts, the DIA provides international organizations with regular updates on the region and the programs of the Organization, as well as on OAS activities that are of particular interest to specific organizations.