Secretariat for Access to Rights and Equity (SARE)

Migration and Development

International migration is a significant aspect of the social, economic, political, and cultural fabric of the 21st Century. Every country is, at any given time, a country of origin, transit and destination of human mobility. The OAS, recognizing at once the vital role migration plays in the development of the citizens and societies of the Americas, as well as the challenges this phenomenon presents to its Member States, established the Migration and Development Program (MIDE) in 2008.

The Migration and Development program (MIDE) contributes to the promotion and development of public policies that lead to the improvement of the migration management in the Americas by facilitating policy dialogue, cooperation, research and the development of information systems on international migration to and from the Americas.

MIDE develops the following activities:

a) Supports as technical secretariat to the Committee on Migration Issues (CAM, for its acronym in Spanish) and provides technical advice to the Chair, Vice-Chair, and representatives of Member States in the Committee on Migration issues of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI).

b ) Develops and implements jointly with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Continuous Reporting System on International Migration in the Americas (SICREMI, for its acronym in Spanish), which aims to better inform policy discussions on international migration in the Americas through the development of the annual statistics and analyses of international migration trends.

c) Develops research on international migration, such as the "Database on Migration Legislation" (available only in Spanish), and the "Information System on Labor Migation", among others.