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 We are accepting applications for the Spring semester!

Welcome to the website of the Rowe Fund program of the Organization of American States (OAS)! Our program aims to support Latin American and Caribbean students pursuing higher education in the United States by providing interest-free loans and supplementary scholarships.

  • Through the Rowe Fund, eligible Latin American or Caribbean students holding F/J visas can apply for interest-free loans of up to USD $15,000. These loans are specifically designed for students in their last two years of undergraduate or graduate studies at universities in the United States. Apply here!
  • We are thrilled to announce that we are currently providing supplementary scholarships of USD $2,000 to deserving students. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be applying for a Rowe Fund interest-free loan simultaneously and meet the specified criteria. Learn more about this incredible opportunity here!

Applications for both, the interest-free loan and the supplementary scholarship, are reviewed throughout the year with a monthly cutoff date on the fifth of each.  For additional information, we encourage prospective applicants to explore our Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ). If you have already been awarded a Rowe Fund interest-free loan, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions for Current Beneficiaries section.   

The Rowe Fund was established in 1948 through the generous bequest of Dr. Leo Stanton Rowe, former Director General of the Pan American Union, (the predecessor of the OAS). Dr. Rowe dedicated his life to fostering understanding and integration among the countries of the Americas, with a particular emphasis on higher education.