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Statement of the OAS General Secretariat on the Situation in Peru

  October 1, 2019

It is the political responsibility of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS / OAS) to ensure compliance with the effective exercise of representative democracy as the basis of the rule of law and constitutional regimes. In this case, the GS/OAS considers that it is the responsibility of the Constitutional Court of Peru to rule on the legality and legitimacy of the institutional decisions adopted, as well as on the differences that may exist in the interpretation of the Constitution, depending on the actions and positions expressed to the Court by political actors.

It is a constructive step that the elections have been called according to the constitutional deadlines and that the final decision rests with the Peruvian people, in whom lies the sovereignty of the nation. It is fair that the political polarization in the country will be resolved by the people at the polls.

The GS/OAS also considers it desirable for the parties to make gestures that favor calm in the face of the crisis. It is essential that the public is not exposed to violence in a context of conflict and political fragility seen in recent months through different points of possible escalation of sectoral conflicts that, although they are outside the current crisis, could further complicate the situation.

The GS/OAS remains at the disposal of Peruvian political actors if they decide to request support for solutions according to the rule of law and the constitutional order of the country.

Reference: E-073/19