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OAS Mission calls for respect for the will of the Guatemalan people as expressed in the elections

  June 30, 2023

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM) has followed the public statements made by the various political actors since the conclusion of Election Day and underscores the importance of respecting the electoral results as cast by citizens last Sunday.

The OAS Mission, headed by the former Foreign Minister of Paraguay Eladio Loizaga, reiterates that it observed a satisfactory election day in which citizens expressed their will, polling station members facilitated the voting and political parties supervised the process through each of its stages.

During its observation, the Mission noted that at least four of the contesting political parties were represented by poll watchers in a significant percentage of the polling stations, from their opening to their closing, including the counting of ballots.

The Mission reiterates, as it did in its preliminary report, that the data presented by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal is consistent with the information collected in the field by its observers and with that compiled by the members of the EOM.

The EOM’s electoral technology specialists observed that the official national system for the publication of preliminary results, the TREP, operated efficiently and robustly, correctly processing 99.18% of the tally sheets in the presidential election.

The OAS Mission has learned of instances where tally sheets with mathematical errors were disseminated on social networks and has been able to confirm that these tally sheets were processed in accordance with the procedures established in the prevailing legislation. These isolated cases do not reflect the overall electoral process and correspond to a very small number of votes that do not have a determining effect on the outcome of the election.

As established in the regulations, the political parties have been able to present claims in the proper time and form that allow the authorities to analyze them and proceed as legally required.

It is important that all actors in the democratic process conduct themselves responsibly and in compliance with the current regulations.

Respect for the will of citizens expressed at the polls is a democratic imperative that must prevail, honoring the decisions taken by the electorate last Sunday.

Reference: E-033/23