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Statement from the OAS General Secretariat on the Situation in Venezuela

  March 31, 2020

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) has learned of the plan presented today by the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Michael R. Pompeo, entitled “Democratic Transition Framework for Venezuela.”

It reaffirms that the immediate release of political prisoners is essential, as is the recovery of institutions represented by the National Assembly and its democratically elected members, as well as the institution of the Superior Court of Justice.

In the same way, any conceivable path to regaining democracy in Venezuela inevitably includes the exit of the country of the thousands of foreign security and intelligence agents.

Therefore, the OAS General Secretariat considers that the plan presented constitutes a valid proposal for a path to end the usurping dictatorship and restore democracy in the country.

The path proposed in the State Department's plan today deserves the support of all those who are fighting for free and transparent elections in Venezuela, according to the standards of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, and with international observation, including the OAS.

Likewise, the involvement of the Inter-American and international community will be essential to help remedy the dramatic humanitarian situation of the Venezuelan people, their migrants, their health, and the necessary rebuilding of the country's economy and social fabric, as well as for the reconstruction of electoral processes in the country.

The OAS General Secretariat reiterates its willingness to continue working for the return of democracy to Venezuela and pledges its support for this proposal in defense of freedom and the values of the Inter-American System.

Reference: E-027/20