The MESECVI Process

The MESECVI process operates through multi-lateral evaluation and follow-up rounds:

During the Multi-lateral Evaluation Round:

  • The Committee of Experts prepares and circulates a questionnaire on the measures taken by the States Party to address violence against women
  • The State Party replies to the questionnaire, which serves as the basis for the national report
  • The Committee of Experts evaluates the reponses of the States and issues a series of recommendations to strengthen implementation of the Convention, which completes the national reports
  • These results and recommendations are then consolidated into a Hemispheric Report

During the Follow-up Round:

  • The Committee of Experts identifies and circulates a series of progrerss indicators to measure the implementation of the Convention and Circulates them to the States Party
  • The States Party inform on their compliance with these indicators
  • A consolidated Follow-up Report is produced