Department of Effective Public Management
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Inter-American Prize for Innovation in
Effective Public Management 2014

The “Inter-American Prize for Innovation in Effective Public Managementis an activity of the »
Department for Effective Public Management that seeks, through the selection of a Special Jury, to identify innovations in public management that the various administrations of the Americas make in order to reward, recognize, systematize, encourage and promote them as useful experiences possible to replicate in several latitudes.

The main objective of the "Inter-American Prize for Innovation in Effective Public Management" is to strengthen democratic governance in the region through the improvement of public administrations in the Americas’ countries, through the dissemination and exchange of innovative experiences in effective public management.

Its specific objectives:

bulletTo contribute to the identification, collection and dissemination of innovative practices
    in public management of the countries that integrate the Inter-American system.

bulletTo draw attention to innovation as a cross cutting issue of public management that
    goes beyond the use of technology.

bulletTo facilitate the exchange of information on innovations in public management among
    the countries of the Americas..

bulletTo keep a "data" of innovative practices in effective public management that
    can be consulted by public officials, experts and citizens in general.

bulletTo recognize effective public management innovations developed by the countries
    of the region that can promote gradual regional experimentalism, and identify
    local/national solutions to global problems.

bulletTo generate among the public a growing demand for the improvement on
    public management in their public administrations.

bulletTo stimulate innovation in public management among the countries of the Americas.