Department of Effective Public Management
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Inter-American Prize for Innovation in
Effective Public Management 2014

The “Inter-American Prize for Innovation in Effective Public Managementis an activity of the »
Department for Effective Public Management that seeks, through the selection of a Special Jury, to identify innovations in public management that the various administrations of the Americas make in order to reward, recognize, systematize, encourage and promote them as useful experiences possible to replicate in several latitudes.
How does the evaluation work?
Evaluation will be based on objective and technical criteria, impartially and independently verifiable.

At first, the Department will make a preliminary selection to verify compliance with the application requirements and will submit the selected experiences to a Special Jury. If there is any application that does not meet the application requirements, the Department for Effective Public Management will contact the applicant entity to request its correction in the next 5 days.

In a second stage, the Special Jury, composed of academic and political personalities recognized for its expertise in public management, and based on pre-selected criteria, shall determine and substantiate what practices are worthy of receiving recognition from the OAS.

Special Jury decisions will be taken by simple majority and its deliberations are confidential and final.

Only one experience will be awarded for each category and the decision is final in nature.