Workshops on International Law

Overview: The Workshops on International Law, organized by the General Secretariat, bring together prominent international law professors, from the public and private sectors and prestigious universities in the Americas, to analyze current legal issues, exchange ideas and proposals for action to improve the teaching of international law, strengthen ties between academic institutions in the Hemisphere, and promote the study of inter-American law and its systematic incorporation into the international law programs of law schools at the various universities.

The Workshops on International Law are conducted in pursuance of the Declaration of Panama on the Inter-American Contribution to the Development and Codification of International Law and the Inter-American Program for the Development of International Law. In the last six years, the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States has been conducting Workshops on International Law, in accordance with the aforementioned instruments.

Content: The publication on the Workshops on International Law covers the proceedings, the professors’ debates, the speeches given by officials at the inaugural and closing sessions, the conclusions and recommendations, and the working documents prepared by staff of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs (SLA) (background, program, final report).

All the texts are published in the original language in which the courses were presented.