Energy and Climate Change Mitigation


Strategic Plan for Partnership for Integral Development 2006-2009 Adopted by the General Assembly at the fourth plenary session, held on June 6, 2006 (AG/RES. 2201 (XXXVI-O/06)

“Sustainable development has been highlighted as a priority of member states in the Inter-American Committee on Sustainable Development (CIDS) and the Inter-American Program for Sustainable Development (PIDS), and consequently, efforts will be concentrated in the following actions: (...) Promoting policy and regulatory measures to advance the use of renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies in the Americas; Developing and accessing innovative financing mechanisms suited to the technical characteristics of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and appropriate to the social and economic needs of the demographically diverse end-users; Identifying and promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency project opportunities in the Americas; and sharing information on renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and delivering technical assistance and training on matters.