‘We have proposed “Citizen Security in the Americas” as the central theme of this General Assembly in a bid to draw attention to the issue and secure the commitment of all the states in the Hemisphere to join forces in combating organized crime and ensure greater security in our communities throughout the region.‘

— Hugo Martínez, Minister of Foreign
Affairs of El Salvador
"This is a problem that not only threatens the safety, health, physical integrity and life of millions of inhabitants of the Americas, undermining individual freedoms and basic rights, but it also affects directly the fundamentals of economic development and threatens the integrity of the State and of democratic institutions in many countries of our region."

— José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General
“The greatest test of global leadership in the 21st century will be defined by the ability of leaders to work collectively to meet the challenges of the current security order.”

— Amb. Albert R. Ramdin,
Assistant Secretary General