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La Mission d’observation électorale (OEA/CARICOM) entame ses activités en Haïti (en anglais)

  12 août 2010

The first elements of the Joint Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) led by Ambassador Colin Granderson arrived in Port-au-Prince on August 3rd and began their meetings with various members of the government, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), the political parties, civil society organizations, members of the international community and all stakeholders involved in the Haitian electoral process.

The Joint OAS/CARICOM Mission observed the registration of candidates for the presidential election and will be present for the publication of the list of registered candidates.

This long-term mission of electoral observation will deploy its observers progressively in the 10 departments of the country beginning in September to observe the unfolding of the various stages of the electoral calendar through the publication of the official results. Ambassador Granderson will present the report of the Mission to the OAS Permanent Council and the CARICOM Secretary General.

For more information, visit the OAS Website at www.oas.org.

Référence : F-296/10