Photo of Jimena Kalawski
Jimena Kalawski
Chief of the Demand Reduction Unit

Reducing the demand for illicit drugs and other substances means discouraging and preventing the initial use of drugs, intervening early with occasional or non-dependent drug users, and treating the adverse health and social consequences of dependency through treatment, rehabilitation, and aftercare programs.

The Demand Reduction Unit of the Executive Secretariat of CICAD supports OAS member states in strengthening their human and institutional capacity in drug prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, taking a public health approach focusing on the individual.

Regarding continuous education, the Demand Reduction Unit conducts training of master trainers in the Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) and Universal Prevention Curriculum (UPC), Treatment for Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders, and online courses for healthcare providers.

Concerning quality assurance, the Demand Reduction Unit promotes the implementation of quality standards of care for treatment service providers in member states.

The Demand Reduction Unit collaborates with universities and other academic institutions in education, research, and international cooperation for drug demand reduction.

Additionally, the Unit supports countries through its Demand Reduction Experts Group by providing technical expertise, facilitating cooperation among member states, and presenting recommendations on implementing the lines of action derived from the Hemispheric Drug Strategy.

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