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  May 16, 2003

More than fifty young entrepreneurs and development organizations will meet May 20 – 21, 2003 at the Main Building of the OAS to form the regional leadership network of the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT).

“Leadership Link 2003” – 1st National Chapter and Regional Network Conference will bring together for young business leaders and YABT partner organizations from thirteen countries will discuss their national programs and future plans as well as consider how to link together in a regional cooperation network. The event will also provide the opportunity to interact with business and government leaders in a series of dialogues on technology, program networks, leadership, and business social responsibility.

Chris Israel, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy, US Department of Commerce, will open the conference along with the representative of the President of Ecuador, Jeaneth Gutierrez. Fernando Figueredo, Vice-President for Corporate Affairs, AOL Latin America and Jorge Arriezueta, Alternate US Executive Director of the Inter-American Development Bank and CEO-designate of the Miami FTAA Committee, will also make keynote addresses during the two-day meeting.

National delegates include, Eduardo Diogo of the National Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs of Brazil, Ariosto Manrique of the Comisión de Empresarios Jóvenes de COPARMEX México, José Luis Altamiza of the Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios del Perú, Alejandra Viloria of Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Venezuela. Countries represented by the delegates include: Barbados, Brazil, México, Bolivia, Panamá, El Salvador, Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, Venezuela, United States, Guatemala, Argentina.

Jeanette W. Hyde, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Young Americas Business Trust, noted the importance of the meeting. “This is the first time our organization has brought together young business leaders from the Americas with the wider business community and we are excited about the dynamic sharing of ideas and plans.” She also acknowledged the support provided to the project by the Republic of China on Taiwan under the recent cooperation agreement between YABT and Taiwan. “We are extremely grateful for their collaboration and look forward to their future participation in and support for YABT's continued growth. This has added a real benefit to our work.”

For more information contact: Roy Thomasson at 202/458-3641 or Rafael Pinto at 202/458-3512.

Reference: YABTMAY16