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Preliminary report of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Ecuador for the second round of the early presidential elections and repeat of the legislative elections abroad

  October 18, 2023

The full Preliminary Report is available here.

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM), headed by the former Vice President and former Foreign Minister of Panama, Isabel de Saint Malo, congratulates the people of Ecuador for the holding of the second round of the early presidential elections and the repeat of the legislative elections abroad last Sunday, October 15. The Mission commends the elected authorities, highlights the civic commitment of Ecuadorian citizens who turned out to vote, en masse and peacefully, and recognizes the work of the polling station officers, electoral authority officials, and members of the armed forces and national police.

The OAS/EOM was composed of 83 experts and observers of 19 nationalities, who observed the elections in 20 Ecuadorian provinces and in two cities abroad. The Mission analyzed different aspects of the elections, such as electoral organization and voting abroad, electoral technology, electoral justice, and electoral violence. The Mission’s specialists also followed up on the implementation of the recommendations issued by previous OAS Missions.

On this occasion, the Mission arrived in Ecuador on a staggered schedule starting on Thursday, October 5, 2023. Including both the Mission’s teams for August 20 and October 15, the OAS deployed a total of 164 people, including the technical team that remained in the country in August to follow up on developments regarding digital voting and the vote counts at the Special Overseas Board (JEE) and the Provincial Electoral Boards (JPE).

The Mission met with political actors, electoral and government authorities, candidates, and representatives of civil society organizations to learn about preparations and their views on the elections. Based on these meetings, analysis of regulations and other documents, and direct observation, in both the first and the second round of early presidential elections, the Mission was able to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the electoral process.



The full Preliminary Report is available here.

Reference: S-013/23