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Preliminary Report of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission for the General Elections of June 23, 2022 in Grenada

  June 24, 2022

The full Preliminary Report is available here.

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States present in Grenada for the June 23 General Elections, congratulates citizens and residents on their strong democratic commitment, which was amply demonstrated in their enthusiastic and peaceful participation in the 2022 poll.

The Mission also commends the electoral authorities, including all poll workers, as well as supervisory and security personnel, for their dedication, diligence and openness with the OAS Mission.

The Mission, which was led by Dr. Rosina Wiltshire, comprised fifteen experts and observers from eleven countries – two of whom worked virtually.

On Monday, June 20, members of the Mission observed the Special Police Vote for electors included in the Police List. On Election Day the team was present in all fifteen constituencies throughout the state and observed the conduct of the poll from the opening of polling stations, through to the counting of ballots and the transmission of results. The Mission also analysed key aspects of the electoral process, including electoral organization and technology, electoral registries, political financing and the political participation of women.

During its deployment the Mission engaged with key stakeholders, including electoral and government authorities, political parties and candidates, civil society actors, the international community and other international observers, to gather perspectives on the organization of the elections and the overall electoral process. The Mission’s experts also analysed relevant electoral legislation, regulations and procedures to ensure a full understanding of the context in which the poll was held.



The full Preliminary Report is available here.

Reference: S-008/22