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Preliminary Report of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission to Paraguay

  May 3, 2023

Full Preliminary Report is available here.

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM), headed by United States Ambassador Luis Lauredo, congratulates the people of Paraguay for the national and departmental elections held on Sunday, April 30. The Mission congratulates the elected authorities, highlights the civic commitment of Paraguayans who turned out to vote, and recognizes the work of the polling station officers and electoral authority officials.

The preliminary results announced by the Tribunal show wide differences between first, second, and third places. At 8:30 p.m., four and a half hours after the polls closed, the results portal of the Superior Tribunal of Electoral Justice (TSJE) showed that, with 98.6 percent of the tally sheets processed, the ANR-Colorado Party presidential candidate, Santiago Peña, and his vice presidential candidate, Pedro Alliana, were in first place with 42.75 percent of the votes; the National Concertation ticket of Efraín Alegre and Soledad Núñez was second with 27.48 percent; and Paraguayo Cubas and Stilber Valdes third with 22.93 percent. The preliminary results of the national and departmental elections released by the TSJE coincide with the information gathered by the Mission.

Given the wide gaps between the results obtained by the candidates in the race and the fact that the OAS/EOM did not note any serious incidents, interruptions in the processing of sensitive electoral information, or serious deficiencies in the chain of custody of electoral material, the Mission wishes to state that there is no reason to doubt the results announced by the electoral authority. The OAS/EOM calls for any complaints or disagreements concerning the electoral process to be dealt with peacefully through institutional channels and in accordance with the law.

The OAS/EOM consisted of 60 people from 18 different countries who observed the elections in Paraguay’s 17 departments, in the capital district of Asuncion, and in Washington D.C., United States. The Mission examined different aspects of the elections, including electoral organization and voting abroad, electoral organization, electoral technology, campaign finance, electoral justice, political participation of women, political participation of indigenous peoples, and campaigns and freedom of expression. Mission specialists also followed up on the recommendations issued by past OAS Missions.

The Mission was installed in the country on April 20, 2023, and met with political actors, electoral and government authorities, candidates, and representatives of civil society organizations to learn about the preparations and their views on the elections. Based on these meetings, analysis of regulations and other documents, and direct observation, the Mission was able to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the electoral process. Prior to the mission, at the invitation of the TSJE, the OAS also monitored the simultaneous primary elections of political organizations on December 18, 2022.


Full Preliminary Report is available here.

Reference: S-003/23