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OAS General Secretariat Condemns Violence in Nicaragua

  April 22, 2018

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) condemns the violence that has caused further deaths in Nicaragua in recent days.

We urge an immediate end to the violence that has caused these deaths, as well as a significant number of injuries.

Violent confrontation has never been a political solution, and we urge the opening of spaces for participation that rebuild coexistence between the sides.

We know that the Nicaraguan people do not want more violence and confrontation, and that their history entails the deepest desire to choose the path of dialogue and understanding.

These spaces of participation could be established in the manner proposed by the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference or other religious actors who have the trust of Nicaraguan society.

The General Secretariat of the OAS maintains its willingness to cooperate to ensure the effective functioning of the institutions within the framework of the rule of law and reiterates its commitment to help find solutions on the path of peace and coexistence.

Reference: E-C-024/18