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OAS and Latin American Entrepreneurs Sign Agreement to Help Prevent Crime and Violence in the Americas

  November 14, 2014

The Organization of American States (OAS) and Latin American entrepreneurs today signed a document through which lines of financing are defined for major projects that the hemispheric Organization develops with the aim of contributing to the prevention of crime and violence in the Americas.

The document was signed by the Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza; the General Director of CervBrasil, Paulo de Tarso Petroni; and the Secretary General of the Association of de Cerveceros Latinoamericanos, Jose Manuel Juanatey. Among the primary objectives of financing include the Inter-American Program for the Prevention of Crime and Violence, which aims to promote public security, through a hemispheric strategy of comprehensive prevention focused on reducing and mitigating the risks associated with violence, with a special focus on youth.

During the signing ceremony, the OAS leader of the highlighted the efforts made by the Organization to carry out projects that are aimed at young people and said that "with imagination and hard work we can do a great deal to help the youth."

For his part, Director Petroni thanked the Secretary General "on behalf of all our partners for the opportunity to collaborate with this project." Secretary Juanatey praised the essence of the agreement because "it will allow us to better understand the reality of youth and to make a significant contribution."

The project will be implemented by the Department of Public Security of the OAS, and will help to identify specific information about risk factors affecting youth, and implement initiatives that will help reduce these factors and to strengthen protection, prioritizing actions to help delay the age of the beginning of regular alcohol use by minors.

During the event, held at OAS headquarters in Washington DC, the Acting Representative of Brazil to the OAS, Breno Dias da Costa; and the Director of the Department of Public Security of the Organization, Paulina Duarte, were present.

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Reference: E-496/14