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CITEL Meeting on Radio Communications Concludes in Nicaragua

  November 10, 2013

Delegates of the governments of the member states of the Organization of American States (OAS) and representatives of the telecommunications industry in the region gathered this week in Managua, Nicaragua at the XXII Meeting of the Committee on Radiocommunications of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL).

On this occasion, the participants discussed terrestrial fixed and mobile radio communications services, the use of satellite communication systems, and the use of the spectrum and new technologies for radio and television broadcasting and the impact of electromagnetic emissions on human health, among other topics.

The meeting, which took place in the framework of the XXII Meeting of the Permanent Consultative Committee II: Radiocommunications including Broadcasting (PCC.II) of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) of the OAS, was attended by more than 180 delegates and international experts from 20 countries and 35 companies and industry associations.

The event, organized by the Nicaraguan Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (TELCOR), through its Executive Chairman, Minister Orlando José Castillo Castillo, was held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Managua. The event was chaired by Franklin Merchán, from the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia (MinTIC), Alternate Chair of the CCP.II, with the support of the CITEL Executive Secretary Clovis Baptista.

The meeting in Managua continued the work of the Working Groups of the PCC.II, emphasizing the efforts of the Working Group for the Preparation of Regional and World Conferences on Radiocommunications, responsible for coordinating the process of preparing proposals adopted at a regional level by consensus for the World Radiocommunication Conference of the International Telecommunication Union, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, in late 2015 .

The Permanent Consultative Committee II promotes the planning, coordination, and regional harmonization of the efficient use of the radioelectric spectrum, as well as the orbits of geostationary and non-geostationary satellites required to provide the different types of wireless services such as 3G/4G mobile services, fixed and mobile satellite communications, digital television, services to support aeronautical radio navigation, and telecommunications services to support operations during natural disasters and catastrophes (emergency communications) .

This was the last meeting of this Committee before the VI Regular Meeting of the CITEL Assembly, which will be held in the Dominican Republic in February 2014. During that meeting, new officers will be elected to chair the various committees of CITEL and a new Strategic Plan for the Commission will be adopted, which will feature basic guidelines for the work to be carried out in the 2014-2018 period. CITEL recognizes the work of the administrations of Colombia and Uruguay by the entrepreneurial and effective leadership exercised ​​within the mandates to PCC.II for the past four years.

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