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Statement of the OAS Secretary General on the Chilean Miners Rescue

  October 13, 2010

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, José Miguel Insulza, has issued the following statement:

“Over the last two days I have followed, along with all my fellow citizens and many millions of people around the world, the rescue operation of the 33 miners buried for more than two months in the San José Mine. I have been moved by the sight of how each of their rescues has been received with so much joy by so many people who, without knowing them, have learned to admire them for their courage, optimism and integrity, and have recognized Chile, in its leaders, its professionals and workers, in the patriotic and unitary sense in which they have all faced this difficult event. The nation has been lifted by this challenge and that must fill us with happiness and unite us more.

I congratulate the miners and their families, who have moved us through their courage, their sense of camaraderie and unity, and I salute all Chileans, who have kept alive the hope throughout this long and tense vigil of more than two months.

I salute the Government for the dedication and effectiveness with which it has conducted this operation, without holding back resources to save the lives of our fellow citizens, and I congratulate the technicians who have impressed us with their abilities, effectiveness and dedication.

I thank the foreign governments and businesses that have so generously contributed to this great task.

Long live Chile, long live the Chilean miners."

Jose Miguel Insulza

Reference: E-381/10