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  November 3, 2009

The Commission of Verification of the agreements reached in Honduras was formally established today in Tegucigalpa in an event presided by its four members: the former President of Chile, Ricardo Lagos Escobar, and the Secretary of Labor of the United States, Hilda Solís, as international members, and Jorge Arturo Reina and Arturo Corrales as Honduran representatives.

Víctor Rico, the Secretary of Political Affairs of the Organization of American States (OAS), explained the scope of the work assigned to the Commission of Verification, which he said will be coordinated by the OAS.

“This Commission will be charged with attesting the strict fulfillment of all points of the agreement, and will receive for this purpose the full cooperation of Honduran public institutions. Point 8 of the Tegucigalpa-San José Agreement, in its final form, indicates that all differences of interpretation or implementation are to be submitted to the Commission of Verification, which shall determine the solution that corresponds in adherence to the decrees of the Constitution of the Republic of Honduras and in accordance with current laws, and through a faithful interpretation of the current Agreement,” Rico said.

For his part, former President Lagos said of becoming a member of the said Commission, “I do so with all my will to collaborate so that the agreement that you (the Honduran people) have reached will have a successful implementation, and that means looking for a way in which we can again walk after a common objective and where there is basic agreement on how to democratically settle the differences that exist in every society.”

According to Lagos, the Agreement contains three crucial dates: October 30 for its signing; November 2 for the establishment of the Commission of Verification; and November 5 for the formation of a Cabinet of National Unity. He also said that adherence to this calendar is essential in gaining international support and recognition for the general elections of November 29.

For her part, Hilda Solís expressed her satisfaction in being a member of the Commission, in which she said she will collaborate so that Honduran people may have “a Government that truly represents all the interests of the community.” She also emphasized the significance that the establishment of the Commission of Verification has to the Government of her country.

Reference: E-362/09