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OAS Launches Virtual Course on "Government in the Era of Social Media"

  August 22, 2013

The Organization of American States (OAS), through its Department for Effective Public Management will hold a virtual course on "Government in the Age of Social Media," which seeks to offer public officials in the region the knowledge to understand, collaborate and participate in social media networks as a management and transparency tool, as well as to facilitate the understanding of the dynamics that arise from the interaction between governments and citizens.

The initiative responds to the mandates of OAS member states that have urged taking advantage of the access to and use of information and communication technologies to strengthen public institutions in the age of the knowledge society. The course will run for eight weeks, will include the development of a social media strategy, and will be taught in Spanish. The deadline for registration is September 27.

The course was designed based on the increased importance taken on by social media networks, which occupy a privileged place in modern life energizing and modifying the way by which society interacts and communicates. Recognizing the impact that these changes imply for governance, the Virtual Campus offers a course that supports public officials in the region and provides them with the tools for analysis and decision-making on the use of social media as applied to government institutions.

The Virtual Campus, which began ten years ago, is currently offering 20 online courses, some of them in English and French. There will be scholarship opportunities available for the course on government in the era of social media.

More information on the First Edition of the Course "Government in the Era of Social Media" is available here (Spanish).

For information on this and other Virtual Campus courses visit:

Reference: E-315/13