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President of Honduras Highlights at the OAS the Importance of Investment, Education and Transparency for Development

  June 13, 2014

The President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, took part today in a conference of the Latin American Business Council (CEAL) held at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington DC, with an address in which he highlighted the importance of investment, education and transparency for development.

President Hernández, who was inaugurated in January, explained to the business leaders of the region at the meeting the details of “a new model of investment in the country” that takes advantage of the capital and expertise of the private sector “without the state ceasing to be a partner or owner.” Moreover, he highlighted several projects underway in the areas of ports, highways, rail lines and electric generation, among others.

In terms of the challenges his country faces, the Honduran leader emphasized the need “to reduce levels of impunity, to make the country more transparent” and to extend the authority of the state throughout the national territory, fighting the influence of organized crime. In addition, he emphasized the importance of “reducing levels of insecurity to attract more investment,” an aspect in which he said “we are moving forward in terms of confidence” among the population.

President Hernández stressed, in addition, the importance to competitiveness of improving the educational system, as is happening in his country. “If we are going to compete with the world, we need a quality education, and we are working on that as well,” said the Honduran President. As an example, he cited the project underway to create 15,000 free wifi hotspots in educational centers and public areas throughout the country.

Roberto Zamora, the President of CEAL, United States Chapter, introduced the Honduran leader and said he represented “a great process of transformation, and a great process of changes.” Since he assumed office in January, said Zamora, “in Honduras you can feel confidence and a great sense of optimism.

CEAL is an organization that includes the most important private entrepreneurs in Latin America, created 24 years ago to promote its members participation in the current exchange and cooperation tendencies, in every aspect in which private companies can contribute to the economic progress of their countries. The meeting of CEAL ended today in Washington DC.

Before the presentation the OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, received President Hernández in his office at OAS headquarters. During the meeting, President Hernández and Secretary General Insulza discussed the political and economic situation in the Hemisphere and exchanged ideas on issues related to hemispheric security.

Present at the meeting were the Permanent Representative of Honduras to the OAS, Leónidas Rosa Bautista; the Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, Albert Ramdin; the Chief of Staff of the Secretary General, Hugo de Zela; and the Secretary for Multidimensional Security of the OAS, Adam Blackwell.

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Reference: E-255/14