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  December 10, 2002

Declaring that “the situation in Haiti is extremely worrying,” Organization of American States (OAS) Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi on Monday expressed concern that the government of Haiti has not done enough to persuade the relevant institutions to name their representatives to the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). He stressed that a way must be found to reach agreement promptly on formation of a credible, new CEP.

“Successful and credible elections are widely seen as the gateway to a strengthened democracy and to renewed economic and social development,” Ambassador Einaudi told the OAS Permanent Council, asserting that “in order to hold such elections, a credible electoral council or CEP is a must.”

Einaudi lamented that some sectors, taking “advantage of the inaction of the government,” had been seeking to “bring down the government by mass protests.” He appealed to Haitians to “ask themselves what they can do… to strengthen the political center” and to prevent anniversaries such as December 17 from being used to further inflame the situation.

David Lee, chief of the OAS Special Mission in Haiti, also spoke, as did the Ambassadors of St. Lucia, the United States, and Haiti and the Alternate Representative of Canada. The Permanent Council’s Chairman, Ambassador Denis Antoine of Grenada, summed up, saying that based on comments made in the Council, “compliance with Resolution 822 in all of its aspects, both political and economic, remains the only path forward for both Haiti and the international community.”

Reference: E-243/02