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OAS and Guatemala Begin Cyber Security Symposium

  June 9, 2014

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Government of Guatemala today began a Symposium on Cyber Security aimed at government officials in the Central American Country which has as its objective the exchange of best practices and techniques between national authorities on the issue and experts from the Organization.

The Symposium, organized by the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) of the OAS, features the participation of experts from the National Police of Colombia, the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico and CICTE itself. Until Thursday June 12, the workshop will seek to promote the teaching of best practices used by cyber incident response groups in the region to defend the technical platforms for state organizations; and promote the teaching of mechanisms and techniques to acquire, analyze, preserve and present data that have been electronically processed.

The Executive Secretary of CICTE, Neil Klopfenstein, highlighted that “the work of the staff of the OAS General Secretariat, and in particular CICTE, is enriched by collaboration with the various governmental institutions of the countries of the Americas, like the Interior Ministry of Guatemala, with which proper channels of communication have been established that are creating important benefits for Guatemala and for the region in the integration of efforts to make the internet a more secure communications network.”

The Symposium, which will take place in Galileo University, represents an effort by the OAS and the Interior Ministry of Guatemala to strengthen the development of cyber security capacities of the many and diverse sectors of the national Guatemalan administration, among them the Ministries of Defense and the Interior, the financial sector and academia. The event is part of the Hemispheric Strategy for Cyber Security, which emanated from the OAS General Assembly of 2004.

Among the main objectives of the CICTE of the OAS are the establishment of national “Alert, Watch, and Warning” groups, also know as Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTS) in each country, to create a hemispheric alert network. In addition, the Organization promotes the development of national strategies on cyber security and the development of a culture for strengthening cyber security in the Hemisphere.

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Reference: E-242/14