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  July 22, 2009

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the White House, Han Duk – soo, signed today at the OAS Headquarters, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the implementation of a joint internship program.

According to the MOU, the program will allow young Korean professionals and students to participate in an internship program at the OAS in Washington, D.C. during a six-month period.

At the signing ceremony, Secretary General Insulza, highlighted the relevance of the program and said that “very few people are aware of the fact that the work of our Secretariat is very much enhanced by the presence of several interns.” He also added that the interns “perform invaluable services for the Organization and for the region.”

In this regard, Insulza said he was “very happy” about continuing the efforts to enhance the cooperation between Korea and the OAS. “Since 1981, when Korea became a Permanent Observer of the Organization, we have worked together in several programs based on the understanding that we share very important values like democracy, peace, social justice, and liberty,” he explained.

On the other hand, the Ambassador of Korea reassured his country’s willingness to work very closely with the OAS, as an exemplary case of the good relations in various areas, including human development. Likewise, he stressed that the signing of the Memorandum was “just the beginning of an effort to achieve a stronger relationship between Korea and the OAS.”

The Korean diplomat praised the work of the hemispheric institution under the leadership of Secretary General Insulza, and said that he will “continue to do all the necessary efforts to help contribute to the development and prosperity of the countries of the region.”

“Korea has increased its relations with the hemisphere, and has very good prospects for the further strengthening of such ties,” noted Duk- soo. Secretary General Insulza also recognized the time and resources invested by the Asian country in the strengthening of its good relations with Latin America.”

Reference: E-240/09