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  November 24, 2004

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas today received another financial boost to its hurricane recovery efforts, thanks to a donation from the Organization of American States’ (OAS) Inter-American Emergency Aid Fund (FONDEM). This latest OAS contribution will go towards reconstruction in the Caribbean nation, which was among those severely battered by hurricanes Frances and Jeanne last September.

The OAS’ Acting Secretary General, Ambassador Luigi Einaudi, presented the $20,000 check to Ambassador Joshua Sears of The Bahamas, during a brief ceremony held at the Organization’s headquarters. Noting this year’s hurricane season has been particularly devastating to Caribbean countries and parts of the United States, Einaudi commended the effective Bahamian efforts to mobilize aid for the outlying areas affected by the deadly hurricanes.

He described this latest OAS donation as a “small, symbolic gesture,” but added that is accompanied by “heart-felt solidarity.” Einaudi went on to state that the OAS is mindful of the need for disaster relief response to be developed in a more systematic way.

Ambassador Sears, meanwhile, said the people and government of The Bahamas are grateful for the contribution. He said this donation demonstrates OAS commitment to responding to the members states, “particularly in times of need and natural disasters.”

Noting the contribution will also be an important boost to reconstruction efforts, Sears noted it further demonstrates the organization’s ongoing leadership on such crucial issues and will also remind citizens of the important role the organization plays in the member states.

Reference: E-217/04