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OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Guyana Recommends Civil Education and Updating of Voter Rolls

  August 5, 2015

The former Foreign Minister of Belize Lisa Shoman today presented the conclusions and recommendations of the Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) of the Organization of American States (OAS) to the general and regional elections of May 11 in Guyana.

In her report to the Permanent Council of the OAS, the Chief of Mission praised the “significant efforts made by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to plan and prepare for the electoral process" and stressed "the significant improvements implemented particularly in regard to the packaging and distribution of electoral material, the extensive training provided to poll workers and the voter education efforts."

Among its recommendations, the report urges the introduction of a legal framework that promotes the holding of elections based on positive political platforms; the implementation of a system of electronic tabulation of the preliminary results; the adoption of a continuous national civic education program to promote political participation and democratic values; the implementation of more robust procedures for periodic updating of the national voters list and the consideration of some form of state funding for political parties.

The Permanent Representative of Guyana, Bayney Karran, described the elections as "historic," adding that "the OAS, through its Electoral Observation Mission, was part of that history." He also said that "without doubt, the relevant agencies in our country will consider the recommendations as part of the continued improvement and refinement of our electoral procedures." "My delegation would not hesitate to attribute a good portion of the success of the electoral process to the presence of election observers, of which the OAS Mission was among the most prominent," he added.

Reference: E-215/15