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  September 13, 2007

In a joint declaration issued in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, on Tuesday, some of the hemisphere’s main trade union organizations teamed up with business organization expressing firm commitment to the hemispheric initiative to find ways to provide full and productive employment, a major focus of the three-day Fifteenth Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML).

Robert Giuseppi, president of the Trade Union Technical Advisory Council (known by its Spanish-language acronym, COSATE) and Daniel Funes de Rioja, president of the Business Technical Advisory Committee on Labor Matters (CEATAL), signed the declaration, as the labor ministers of the Americas prepared to inaugurate their hemispheric conference. In the statement, COSATE and CEATAL articulate the conviction that full and productive employment “is essential for the establishment of sustainable socioeconomic development that is focused on social justice and makes human dignity a reality.”

An Organization of American States (OAS) forum, the labor ministers conference is being held in conjunction with the Trinidad and Tobago government, whose Minister of Labor and Small and Micro Enterprise Development, Danny Montano, is chairing this time. COSATE and CEATAL are both advisory bodies of the IACML.

The statement further emphasizes the importance of fostering the creation of a national, regional and international environment that is sustainable and conducive to the generation of full and productive employment, “with social protection for all.” The organizations issued a joint appeal, asking the governments to focus their efforts on training the labor force and increasing human capacities through high-quality education, training and lifelong learning systems.

They call as well for the OAS and the International Labor Organization (ILO) to develop a strategic program to build social dialogue at the regional and individual country levels. Governments, meanwhile, are being urged to promote an effective social dialogue and to define an agenda to institutionalize that social dialogue.

“We believe that professional training is an instrument for productive policy as well as social policy that contributes to increasing productivity, quality, and competitiveness as well as integration, social harmony and equal opportunity,” the COSATE-CEATAL declaration stresses.

Reference: E-215/07