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  November 17, 2004

As part of its ongoing commitment to use information and communication technologies to support educational development in the Caribbean, the Organization of American States’ (OAS) Department for Integral Development, has worked together with the Cable and Wireless Jamaica Foundation (C&WJF) and Tellenio Technologies to deliver 500 personal computers at reduced prices to three educational institutions in Jamaica.

This project is the end-result of an agreement between the OAS and the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO), which is open to all CANTO members. Negotiations are currently underway to undertake a second shipment of computers to Jamaica and, through CANTO members, expand the program to other Caribbean countries.

As part of the project, the OAS obtained top of the line PCs at reduced prices from the Miami-based Tellenio Technologies. The computers, valued at US$600 each in the open market, were purchased at a reduced cost of $392. Under its Computer Project pilot, C&WJF offered 358 PCs to the Joint Board of Teacher Education, 50 to Campion College and 10 to the Scout Association of Jamaica at the further reduced price of US$300, thus contributing an additional subsidy of US$92 per PC. Overall savings for the beneficiaries as a result of this joint initiative is calculated at over US$95,000.

In addition, and in an effort to complement the project by also providing the necessary training for the hardware to be properly utilized by the teachers participating in this project in Jamaica, the OAS obtained the collaboration of the Academy of Educational Development. The AED is currently working with the JBTE to customize their existing training courses to the Jamaican curricula and context.

Reference: E-210/04