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  September 23, 2004

Korea’s Permanent Observer of Korea, Ambassador Han Sung-joo, today presented the Organization of American States with two contributions that will benefit the citizens of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

The first package consists of computer equipment worth US$100,000 and is earmarked for the governments of Guatemala and Honduras, through the Inter-American Children's Institute. The computers will be outfitted with programs designed to disseminate information on the Rights of the Child.

In addition, the OAS’ Fund for Peace is the beneficiary of a US$50,000 cash donation to be applied to the Belize-Guatemala sub fund, specifically to finance the operations of the OAS Office in the Adjacency Zone, between Belize and Guatemala. That office monitors compliance by both countries with confidence-building measures aimed at easing tension the Adjacency Zone.

Asserting that “Korea wholeheartedly shares the values the OAS has been promoting,” Ambassador Han stressed that his country “appreciates the leading role the OAS has played in promoting peace, democracy and human rights in the Western Hemisphere.” He went to state: “We believe that the success of OAS activities is beneficial not only to OAS member countries but also to the world as a whole, in terms of promoting peace and universal values.”

Expressing appreciation, the Assistant Secretary General lauded Korea for being an important contributor to OAS programs since becoming a Permanent Observer in 1981. “This contribution is extremely timely,” he said of today’s presentation, pointing to the “extraordinary prowess” Korea has developed in certain fields.

On hand to thank Korea on behalf of their own governments were the Alternate Representatives of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras to the OAS, Nestor Mendez, Otto Pérez and Ambassador Mauricio Robles, respectively.

Reference: E-157/04