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Insulza Salutes Civic Spirit of Venezuelans and Supports Recount Proposal

  April 15, 2013

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, expressed his satisfaction at the civic spirit of the Venezuelan people shown during the election on Sunday, in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which allowed for the holding of an orderly and calm presidential election with high participation.

Faced with the results released by the National Electoral Council (CNE) at the end of the day Sunday, and then the announcement by the representatives of the government and the opposition on the need to conduct an audit and a full recount of the vote, Secretary General Insulza expressed his support for this initiative and made ​​available to Venezuela the OAS team of electoral experts, of recognized prestige and long experience in the field.

In a context of deep division and political polarization, as shown by the electoral process, the leader of the OAS made ​​a fervent call for a national dialogue to help calm the mood of the Venezuelan society and to help chart a common path to strengthen the governability of the country. Insulza also highlighted his disposition and that of the organization he leads to cooperate in this regard.

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Reference: E-138/13