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  June 26, 2003

The member states of the Organization of American States
today observed a moment of silence in Washington to honor the memory of Eduardo Latorre, the former Foreign Affairs Minister of the Dominican Republic, who died recently.

Permanent Council Chairman Odeen Ishmael, the Ambassador of Guyana, led the delegates in the gesture proposed by the Alternate Representative of Peru, Antonio García Revilla, who praised Latorre’s “decisive role in the process of re-instituting democracy in Peru.” Latorre had served as head of a special OAS mission in Peru in 2000.

For his part, Secretary General César Gaviria recalled the excellent job Latorre had done during what he termed “a particularly complex and difficult period in the life of Peru.” He said the Dominican official had worked with seriousness, professionalism, extraordinary dedication and wisdom, which had earned him respect from both the Peruvian government and opposition of the day.

In expressing appreciation for the hemispheric homage to her late compatriot, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the OAS, Sofía Leonor Sánchez, underscored Latorre’s contribution in several senior positions he had held in government, academia and elsewhere. She said she would convey the condolences to Latorre’s family and to the government and people of the Dominican Republic.

Reference: E-122/03