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Permanent Council Receives Presentation on the Modernization of the Management of the OAS

  March 25, 2013

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) today received a presentation by Canada on the "Modernization of Management for Strengthening the OAS," during a regular meeting of the organization held at its headquarters in Washington, DC.

In his presentation, the Permanent Representative of Canada, Allan Culham, proposed that the OAS structure its agenda based on the principles of the planning and delivery of results; improvement of efficiency and effectiveness; and increased accountability. He also suggested redefining the core objectives of the pillars of the organization and a review of the mandates of the OAS, as well as the elimination of "unnecessary, redundant and obsolete mandates."

After hearing the Canadian presentation, other Permanent Representatives suggested that the debate continue in the Permanent Council itself; that the body conduct a retreat to debate the issue in depth; and to include the strategic vision for the OAS presented by the Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, in February 2012. For his part, Secretary General Insulza recalled that the hemispheric organization must decide if it will increase its budget to fulfill the mandates it has been assigned, or adjust them to its current budget.

Upon the suggestion of the Chair of the Council and Permanent Representative of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada, the body took note of the proposals submitted and urged Member States to continue the debate.

In the same meeting, the Council also agreed to continue discussing a new methodology for the presentation and negotiation of draft resolutions to be referred to the General Assembly at its forty-third regular meeting to be held in Guatemala in June 4-6. In addition, the Member States resolved to postpone for a new meeting the reception of the reports of the Working Groups on the prioritization process of OAS mandates.

During the meeting, the representatives of Canada, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Haiti (speaking on behalf of CARICOM), Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Barbados, the United States, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Panama, Jamaica, Peru and Costa Rica took the floor.

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Reference: E-117/13