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  April 12, 2007

On the conclusion of his visit to Panama today, the Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Ambassador Albert Ramdin, said he was “pleased with preparations for the thirty- seventh regular session of the OAS General Assembly.” The annual meeting, which will take place June 3-5 in Panama City, will bring together the foreign ministers of the 34 OAS member countries.

Ramdin offered his assessment of preparations after meeting with Panama’s First Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samuel Lewis Navarro, who will preside over the OAS General Assembly.

With just over seven weeks left before the start of the General Assembly, Assistant Secretary General Ramdin’s visit focused on finalizing plans for the meeting, which this year will revolve around the theme of “Energy for Sustainable Development.”

Ambassador Ramdin noted that this year’s General Assembly has major significance for the Western Hemisphere. In the wake of elections and changes in several governments over the last year, the event will provide an opportunity for many foreign ministers to meet for the first time, individually and as a group.

Ramdin further noted that “this year’s main theme of energy for sustainable development resonates with every member state of the OAS at multiple levels.” Issues that will be discussed include the development impact of energy costs, ecological concerns, and the development of renewable and alternative energy sources, among others.

Preparations for the General Assembly will continue over the next few weeks. “Coordinated effort on the myriad details that are necessary for such a high-level meeting is critical,” Ramdin said. “The foundation is in place and we look forward to having a successful meeting with high levels of participation.”

Reference: E-099/07